Melvin Lammerts

Ethical hacker, information security enthusiast, programmer.

About me

Hi! My name is Melvin and I live in Groningen, The Netherlands. My passion lies in everything that is IT-related, but especially in the information security discipline. I currently work as an ethical hacker / advisor at Insite Security and I love participating in bug bounty programs. I also really like to work on random projects in Ruby, Bash, Elixir and other programming languages.

Thanks for your interest, and if you want to get in touch please send me a message on Twitter or e-mail me at

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  • HackerOne Top 100 2014: #22.
  • Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification: melvinsh.
  • Article: volunteer hackers help keep Twitter secure:
  • Interview with VNO-NCW (Dutch):


  • maildrop: Ruby (gem) interface to MailDrop for quick, disposable mailboxes.
  • tweet_to_gif: Ruby CLI tool to download GIF files from tweets.
  • hacker-actor: Hacker Actor generates random hacker quotes so you can sound just like one.
  • random_puppy: Elixir package to get a URL to a random puppy image.
  • osx-proxy: Turn any SSH server into a SOCKS proxy and auto-enable it in OS X.
  • BurpToggle: Status bar application for OS X to toggle the state of the system HTTP/HTTPS proxy.
  • pipedrive-php-api: PHP API wrapper for Pipedrive Sales CRM.
  • SkypeQuote: SkypeQuote creates fake quote messages for Skype.

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